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The Shine Education Initiative Summit: We want every child in Porirua to Shine

Te Rauparaha Arena - June 2013

Two hundred people met at The Arena to share their aspirations for children and young people living in Porirua, and to consider using a Collective Impact process to improve opportunities for learning.

Records of the contributions at the summit can be accessed here.

Four themes for further activity were established:

The recommendation that the strategy be supported by a Collective Impact process was not adopted. Each theme was managed independently.

This site is an archive that records the outcomes of a project of the Mana Education Centre Trust. More recent information or impressions can be obtained by visiting the links given above.

(May 2020)





The Five conditions of
Collective Success

Five ConditionsSuccessful collective impact initiatives typically have five conditions that together produce true alignment and lead to powerful results Shine Porirua is following these principles.


The Five Conditions of Collective Success

1. Common Agenda
2. Shared Measurement Systems
3. Mutually Reinforcing Activities
4. Continuous Communication
5. Backbone Support Organisations


Shine Porirua is very thankful to our major supporters and funders: 






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