Shine People

Patron - Russell Marshall

Russell MarshallPorirua’s Shine project has Russell’s full support. ‘Every child, every young person, deserves the best possible beginning to her or his life. The communities where they live share the responsibility of ensuring that. It has to be possible for the wider Porirua community to work together to find ways to make that happen, to help our young citizens to fulfil their potential, and thereby to enrich not only their lives but those of their families and of our community as a whole.’ Keep reading >>

 Management Group

 Maureen Gillon (Co-Chair, Community Portfolio)

Maureen GillonMaureen sits on the Shine Management Group as a member of the Social and Civic Policy Institute. She is interested in strengths-based approaches and practices used by communities to develop their own solutions, and supports Collective Impact because it provides a useful and sustainable approach for organizing collaborative action.  Keep reading >>

Mike Evans (Co-Chair, Schools in the City)

Mike EvansMike's direct involvement with education has been as an Aotea College Board of Trustees member then Chair, between 2007-2013. He has been involved with Shine since then, with a focus on the Schools In The City area. The objective of Schools In The City is to enhance collaboration between schools in the city and between schools and the city, communities and business. Keep reading >>

 Lawrence Arps

Lawrence ArpsLawrence Arps has been committed to education since his first role, delivering Adult Education in 1992. Based on a firm belief that education is the driving force behind social mobility, Lawrence has consistently sought to enable learners from all backgrounds to engage with knowledge. Keep reading >>


John Cody

John CodyJohn was invited to participate in Shine because of his experience in child welfare and community services and as a resident whose family had gone through the local education system. He believed the Shine process was important when Russell Marshall and Cathy Wylie identified gaps in the governance of local education that were similar to those he had experienced with other organisations. Keep reading >>



Communication support - Wendy Betteridge

Wendy BetteridgeWendy has a strong desire to see many more connections taking place within Porirua. She believes that Shine, and its relationship with all aspects of Our Porirua, provides a real opportunity to increase connectedness throughout the city. Her enthusiasm and positive spirit is contagious. She unconsciously uses all her meetings, engagement, writing and online communications to break down the kinds of barriers that hold communities in little pockets and in doing so, brings people together. Keep reading >>

Communication support - Fraser Carson

Fraser CarsonFraser believes that Shine Porirua is a great example of a community recognising the need to set an agreed agenda for a critically important issue - the best possible beginning for every young person’s life. He has a particular interest and involvement in the development of the Collective Impact model. It provides ways to build stronger and more cooperative communities, and Fraser’s focus is on the community building opportunities provided by the internet and better communications methods. Keep reading >>


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