'Backbone Functions'

The Collective Impact framework emphasises the importance of backbone functions to sustain a system that implements a common agenda, uses shared measurement to assess performance, aligns otherwise disparate initiatives as mutually reinforcing activities, and facilitates continuous communication.

In the first year of the Shine process the Todd Foundation provided the primary funding for these functions through the Mana Education Centre Trust (MECT). The Porirua City Council provided supplementary funding. In December 2013 MECT activities ceased.

At that point the Interim Management Group appointed by the Shine Reference Group undertook to address the following issues:

  • Renew the funding arrangement with Todd Foundation
  • Obtain a mandate for Shine as a contribution to the Community Outcome 'Learning for Life'
  • Support projects already under way
  • Continue to form networks focused on priorities identified at the summit and in discussion in the Reference Group

The Porirua City Council is mandated to maintain an overview of community activity relevant to 'Learning for Life'. The Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Councillor Ford have convened or sponsored the major activities described elsewhere and initiated discussion with the Ministry of Education about how the Ministry relates to the City. A paper is being prepared for all Councillors to consider as a Council.

Todd Foundation initially wanted to fund another local trust or association. The Interim Management Group (IMG) recommended that the Foundation recognise the leadership and monitoring roles of the Council by using the Council as the fundholder. Among other things that type of arrangement allows all local organisations to participate as equals. Recently the Foundation and Council agreed. The administrative arrangements are being discussed. 

The point has now been reached when the Interim Management Group can report to the Shine Reference Group that it has discharged its duties and the initiative has the resources required to become a strategic alliance. The report of the IMG can be accessed here as part of the Reference Group agenda.

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