'Digital enablement' was one of three specific threads that emerged from the Shine summit in 2013. Te Mana o Kupe Trust was established to advance this activity in schools in east Porirua.

The Porirua City Community IT Educational Trust (E-Learning Porirua) is the other important local voluntary organisation in this field. E-Learning Porirua provides adult education programmes and has promoted civic action to reduce the 'digital divide'.

A recent move to reduce the digital divide was made in December 2015 when the Porirua City Council resolved:

(a) To explore the options for aggregated potential users to create an environment of affordable internet access.

(b) To estimate realistic costs for households that would allow equitable access.

(c) To identify potential opportunities to integrate full internet access with other strategic initiatives in the city (372/15)

(Te Komiti 10 December 2015 372/15 and the Council on 16 December 2015 320/15)


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