The resources available to schools participating in the Shine Literacy Initiative have been developed and refined through 2017. In particular:

  • Schools have begun to manage their own student assessments using the Beagle data management system The reports for individual children will be helpful for parents and caregivers who are supporting children as they learn to write and read. The reports also guide teaching practice, particularly with children who have the most to learn.
  • Lead teachers have been engaged in developing assessment methods used to define teacher responses to each child in their class, beginning with oral language competence and confidence with writing
  • Professional learning and development has continued for all junior class teachers in participating schools.

The primary objective of the Initiative is to ensure that all children have equitable opportunities to learn to write and read.

The introduction of the Beagle application was supported by Plimmerton Rotary. The Todd and Wright Foundations have ensured that funding is available to run the Initiative through 2018. Materials and resources have been heavily subsidised by the suppliers and no fees have been charged for professional consultancy.

The report for the year to October can be obtained here.  Review_October_2017

Equity for all children

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