The Shine summit was convened by leaders in the local education sector in 2013. Four lines of activity were identified by professional educators and interested members of the community. This note reviews current progress with those activities from my perspective.

The Literacy initiative is proceeding in a way that is consistent with the principles of collective impact adopted at the summit. There is an update on the Literacy Success website.

  • The City Council has endorsed the essential elements of the Shine process and the priorities have a prominent place in the Long Term Plan for Porirua. The Council has not yet produced a Status Report to orient local responses to those priorities or, it seems, managed to establish a constructive working relationship with the Ministry of Education. We believe the Council is still working on both these issues.
  • The use of digital engagement to avoid the ‘plateau’ of achievement between Years 4 and 8 is supported by Te Mana O Kupe. The Trust has reported that a preliminary analysis of its impact is being circulated among participating teachers.
  • The current status of vocational pathways offered by local secondary schools collectively has not been published. The main public processes currently underway focus on Aotea College and consequently do not address the situation in the city as a whole. The Master Plan for the College published in 2016 refers to, but does not address, interfaces with other campuses in the city. The Ministry of Education is scheduled to conclude the first phase of consultation about the configuration of primary schooling in and around Aotea during March.

Progress on the Shine education initiative

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