Purpose of Shine Porirua

Shine, the Porirua Education Initiative, exists to facilitate the community coming together, to realise the potential of young people of the Porirua basin.

Shine is a network of relationships among organisations, communities and citizens. The network encourages activities that weave together energy and resources that help children and young people to learn and grow. Participants believe that addressing civic issues collectively is more effective than individual efforts. To that end a draft Charter has been circulated to the Principals of schools that were invited to the Shine summit and to the Porirua City Council. It will be discussed at a series of meetings with Councillors, Boards of Trustees and other interested parties. 

Shine is a significant contribution to the Community Outcome ‘Learning for Life’. Schools are engaged with, and accountable to, their communities and are well placed to participate in the Porirua Village Strategy. Consequently the education sector provides a foundation for achieving many social and personal goals and aligning the activities of other agencies and organisations.

The initial discussions in and around the Shine summit resolved to work towards a process in the city that had the following values and aims.

For children and young people in Porirua to Shine we must ensure that they:

  • Have their basic needs met for food, shelter, clothing, love and security
  • Have access to rich, rewarding life experiences that open their eyes to a wide and wonderful world, both in reality and virtually
  • See their parents, families and communities valued, respected and fully participating and directing their education and life experiences
  • Have a love of reading, wider literacy and numeracy, and a thirst for learning in and out of school
  • Are confident and competent in their home, their culture and the wider world
  • Learns from kidsParticipate fully and succeed in education, moving beyond schooling into further education, training or employment.

Five themes emerged from the Shine summit to guide initial responses:

  1. Collaborating communities (within Porirua)
  2. Wide participation in learning, right from the start (including respect and experiences)
  3. Responsive infrastructure
  4. Successful transitions (including to Years 1, 4 and 9 and to employment, training or tertiary education)
  5. Awesome progress and results (including basic needs, reading and confidence)





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