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The information linked to this section of the website relates mainly to information and activity directly associated with the Shine summit in 2013.

The relevant links are:

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The Collective Impact Model
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Porirua Education Summit - June 2013
The Five conditions of Collective Success
Funders for Shine


A Porirua Education Initiative

Shine was the name adopted for an education initiative promoted by the Mana Education Centre Trust.

The initiative promoted the key values listed below and recommended that the city support a collective impact process among those committed to those values.

The Mana Education Centre Trust (MECT) was wound up late in 2013. Some participants have continued to promote and implement the values and priorities identified by the MECT.

Key Values

The original participants believed that it takes all the villages of Porirua to raise a child. Everyone has an interest in helping our young people develop their potential.

That’s why leaders from many groups across Porirua are increasingly working together on the same shared goals, specifically:

  • supporting young people to do well in learning
  • setting them up to be successful citizens

The original values statement was:

  • We believe all young people in Porirua can meet their potential.
  • We believe in and value our schools.
  • We believe our community has the will and the skill to make a difference.
  • We believe that acting as a collective will be more effective than the sum of the individual efforts.

The Five conditions of Collective Success

Successful collective impact initiatives typically have five conditions that together produce true alignment and lead to powerful results. Shine Porirua adopted these principles. 


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