Appendix: A first attempt to identify potential for mutually reinforcing activities (work streams)

This follows from the notes of 26 June (Esther and Liz) and the email of 28 June (Angela).

I imagine this is a step towards prioritising activities, defining a common agenda, and creating a database that can be used to facilitate, track and report on core activities.

Collaborating Communities (of identity and interest)

Core concept: co-constructing the national curriculum
Objective: Creating an optimum mix of influence and resources in each work stream below.


Local government and governance (Nick)
Iwi Maori and community participation (Rahui)
Communities (Api, Caroline)
Young people (Lawrence, Angela, Ana Coffey)
Enterprise – employment and work (Chris, Tracy)
Funding (Angela, Karen, John, Tracy plus) (Angela mentioned another input from Tracy)


Principals (Michele, Kate)
Educationalists and researchers (Nicola, Pat, Cathy, Joy)

Participation in learning (to Year 13)

Core concept: sustained learning (cf. ‘plateaus’)
Objective: To foster enthusiasm and achievements
Food (Amanda)
Literacy – including hearing and vision, parent participation, rigorous evaluation (Liz, Joy, Nick)
Learning environments and pedagogy (Popo, Michele)
Numeracy and science – a seamless applied curriculum (Louise, John Hay [Partners Porirua])
‘Distressed (secondary) students’ (Susanne, MSD)

Successful transitions (from local colleges)

Core concept: vocational pathways
Objective: To provide options for young people to explore and realise their potential
Elements – family participation, student information, relevant tuition, employment options (Career NZ, Api, Arthur Graves, Lawrence, Secondary Principals)

Responsive infrastructure

Core concept: equality
Objective: Eliminate socio-economic bias

Internet access

Internet access by village – free wireless coverage in Waitangirua cf Paremata and Whitby (Chris, E-Learning Porirua)


PCC Strategic Working Group – monitoring  reference groups
Research (Cathy Wylie - NZCER, Pat Sneddon, Massey Education )
Online communication (Fraser FRESCO)

Backbone organisation

Backbone organisation (Lawrence, Esther)
Common agenda (Rahui, Liz, Nick)
Professional development and pedagogical resources (Pat Sneddon)


Coordinated governance
BoTs (Nick)
Iwi (Rahui)
Institutional design (Judy)

Shared measurement and public reporting

Indicators – e.g. words by five, algebra (Liz), health (Kris)

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