Charter schools remain up for debate


In line with a policy to openly present any number of informed education views, the debate on charter schools isn't going away. This week we see an article from Jessica Craig titled 'Charter schools reminiscent of a separatist society'. As an immigrant to New Zealand from South Africa, Jessica sees the move to incorporate charter schools as further Keep Reading


Charter schools reminiscent of a separatist society


Nelson Mandela and charter schools - what's the connection in my head? I have been thinking about how uncomfortable the introduction of charter schools makes me feel and I could not work out why. Then I heard someone on National Radio saying he felt distressed because charter schools represent a further fracturing of our education system and the wo Keep Reading


The big questions for community building - how to learn to work together?


Community building is analogous to progress of the best kind. It implies that people in a shared community will work towards some common goals and with the benefit of some common working principles, despite the differences that may exist between groups and individuals. For example, for most fair minded people, improving education for young people i Keep Reading


Luana Ngatai - winning story


Kia Ora, My name is Luana Ngatai. I decided to do this course because it was free. I needed some skills to help me find a job and mostly for my children. My son has just started Tawa Intermediate and technology plays a big part in their learning. I sent him there because of this but I didn't realise how much he would have to rely on having a... Keep Reading


Otu Ahaio's story


Kia Orana my name is Otu Ahaio I first heard about the course from my daughter in law. She completed this course and she told me to give it a go. I was not confident at the time. I had never touch a computer in my life. I have been to college where my kids went. They would show me what they did on it. I would just look and say ok and I just carry.. Keep Reading


Denise Akavi 's story


Hi there my name is Denise Akavi I started this course on May the 8th 2013. Before I had come on this course I was just a stay at home mother doing all the mothers duties they do at home. I didn't really know what I was doing. Then one of my friends had told me about this course. I thought why not. I had told her that I rather do it at home... Keep Reading


A professional development journey and its link to student success


At the start of 2010 the teachers in the junior syndicate at Titahi Bay School began a learning journey. In 2008 and 2009, we found that our new entrant children were not achieving the literacy results we expected or wanted. As a team we thought about [reading educator researcher] Marie Clay's comment that if children are apparently unable to learn Keep Reading


Addressing the literacy 'underachieving tail'


Children need a rich vocabulary and knowledge of the world around them if they are to become successful readers and writers. The foundation for this lies in children's exposure to language in the early years when the networks for speech, language and literacy are being laid down. If children suffer from recurrent Glue Ear or are in situations where Keep Reading


A refugee story with a happy ending


Dennis Maang was born in Myanmar/Burma. A leader of a Catholic Church youth group and founder of the group's publication, Dennis was the subject of unwarranted attention and in fear of his safety was forced to leave Burma in 2002. Dennis travelled through a number of countries, until he arrived in Malaysia in late 2002. 'In September 2002, when... Keep Reading


Literacy leads off on Educators


The very first article in the all new Educators website is inevitably on the topic of literacy. More particularly it focuses on the 'underachieving tail' of literacy and the importance of very early development. We hope you enjoy Educators as we seek to attract more bloggers and article writers with something useful to contribute to raising the sta Keep Reading


Trust welcomes boost to digital literacy funding


The funding boost for the Computers in Homes digital literacy programme, announced today has been welcomed by the 2020 Communications Trust. 'We appreciate this on-going support from Government,' said Laurence Millar, Chair of the 2020 Communications Trust. 'This will help us continue to tackle the digital divide for families with school-aged... Keep Reading


Porirua's light shines brightly

Posted on e-Learning Porirua. e-Learning Porirua


It's not often that one receives an invitation to attend such a momentous occasion as the launch of Shine was. A Porirua Education Summit was convened at Te Rauparapara Arena on Friday 14 June. But, as members of the Board of e-Learning Porirua, five of us gladly partook of what turned out to be a very stimulating and useful day. Clearly the organi Keep Reading

Wed 19 Jun 2013, 05:39 pm


Shine: The Porirua Education Initiative launches with a one-day flourish


It should go without saying that finding solutions to community challenges is made infinitely easier when people work together, rather than apart and in silos. But as I will often say, community building happens when enough people are prepared to actively engage. A great example of this took place last Friday in Porirua. The ingredients were there Keep Reading


How it all began


Graham Kelly is the founding, and present, Chair of the Porirua City Community IT Educational (or e-Learning) Trust which he established with Trustee Phil Major. It was registered on 1 June 2001. Graham was a Parliamentarian for 16 years, from 1987-2003. He represented the Electorates of Porirua for 9 years and Mana for 6 years and was a... Keep Reading