The first annual report of the Shine Literacy Project is now available.Go here to read the comments made by Joy Allcock and to see the full report. This is the first example of 'shared measures' produced locally since value-added indicators were included in the Shine Landscape in 2013. Shared measurement is an essential dimension of the Collective Impact framework adopted at the Shine summit. The City Council has been asked to adopt that, or a comparable framework, to guide the review of educational opportunities in Porirua.

Later in August, City Councillor are scheduled to receive a distillation of public contributions to the Long Term Plan commitment to have children and young people at the centre of city decisions. This will give an indication of how the Council is intending to enable democratic decision making by local communities related to this topic.

The other priority at present is to clarify the role and assumptions of the Ministry of Education. There are several strands in local discussions, each supported by strong arguments. For example, some emphasize the strengths of the status quo; some want to reconfigure schools and vocational pathways; others see opportunities to fundamentally improve the learning environments available in Porirua.

In the next month it may become clear how the Council and the Ministry will design and facilitate a process to address those options, and others that may have emerged from community discussions since June 2013.

First shared measurement

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