The Shine Literacy Project is buzzing at the moment. We have been very lucky to receive grants from the Infinity Foundation ($25,000), The Porirua Foundation ($20,000) and Pub Charities ($20,000), which means our costs are covered until the end of this year. We are now working on applications for funding for next year.

More than 170 families have given consent for their children to be involved in the project, and we hope this number will grow to about 250. Children who start school up until 8 August this year can take part. We have almost identical numbers of children in the trial and comparison groups, and in the different socioeconomic groups, so the shape of the project is looking good.

Child readingThe assessment results will be shared with children's families and classroom teachers over the next two weeks. The research assistants who have been carrying out the testing have all commented on how welcoming and enthusiastic schools and teachers have been, and how delightful the children are. The potential of these five-year-olds is exciting to see and we hope this project will show us the way to maximise this potential in every child.

Literacy project moves on

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