Draft Porirua Education Charter document


The Porirua Education Initiative


The Shine initiative originated from two concerns. Firstly, that participation in formal education was uneven with some children and young people not getting full value from the education system and others leaving the city unnecessarily for their formal education. Secondly, that attention was required to improve the readiness of children, young people and their families to make the main transitions though the education system.

These concerns can only be addressed with cooperation of a range of organisations. In this initiative each organisation remains responsible for its own targets and achievements.

We, the organisations listed below, are committed to working together as the Shine initiative, to enable Porirua to meet the following strategic goals:

  1. We will provide an environment that encourages family, community and voluntary contributions to the education of children and young people.
  2. Student transitions between the early childhood, primary, secondary and tertiary education sectors will be simple and seamless.
  3. We will eliminate the achievement gaps that currently exist between demographic groups within the Porirua school student community.
  4. Porirua school students will be motivated learners who leave our system as well-rounded citizens with a broad spectrum of interests and abilities.
  5. Porirua school students will be well prepared to successfully access post-secondary school career opportunities and tertiary education.

The partner organisations will contribute to the Shine initiative by:

  • Assigning a senior representative to the Shine steering group
  • Agreeing on shared outcomes that contribute to collective impacts
  • Aligning relevant activities to increase the local capacity to attain the shared outcomes
  • Freely sharing data and contributing to regular reports to residents of Porirua City and governance bodies with responsibilities in the city
  • Collaborating on Shine sponsored projects
  • Allowing the organisation to be listed as a Shine partner on approved funding applications.
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