Status of children and young people

The Long Term Plan for Porirua has a priority that puts children and young people at the centre of city decisions.

A core element in the implementation is compiling and using a report on the status of children and young people living in the city. (see the LTP Section1: Strategic Overview page 10.) 

Work in progress is covered by the following resolution of Te Komiti on 15 October 2015:

That the (officers') report lie on the table pending further work by a group to be established comprising elected members, officers and community representatives to be selected by the Mayor and Chief Executive.

The working group will be supported by officers and will report back by the end of 2015 on the following: ·

  • Definable and measurable outcomes flowing from the Children and Young person strategic priority;
  • A recommended work plan based on those desired outcomes; and
  • The scope and measures that will form Porirua’s first Status Report on Child and Youth Wellbeing.

The working party will be asked to identify which agency will lead specific workstreams (i.e. Porirua City Council and/or other stakeholders) and to identify the Council’s role and resource requirements. (343/15)

 (The Te Komiti recommendation 343/15 was not adopted as part of a composite resolution by the Council for the period 1 October to 19 November 2015 305/15 although it seems that was the intention.)

Updates have been provided in the following series of blog comments:


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