Porirua City Council (PCC) has asked for a ‘status report’ related to children and young people who live in Porirua. The quality, timeliness and cumulative effects of the report will be prime indicators of the level of civic commitment to equity and sustainability.
A conventional framework would include topics such as health, housing, various learning environments, and patterns of participation. Some of these themes have been referred to in the Long Term Plan for Porirua 2015-2025.
There are many relevant threads of local activity. Some have been listed in Our Porirua bulletins. The challenge is to answer the question ‘how do they add up?’
The mid-year points on one of several timelines leading towards the publication of the Status Report have been:

  • 2016: A work plan for preparing the Status Report is being drafted by PCC officers.
  • 2015: The city resolved to place children and young people at the centre of city decisions, and subsequently at the end of the year to support the introduction of ‘Twenty First Century Education’ to Porirua.
  • 2014: The Council resolved to support the ‘backbone functions’ required to generate ‘shared measures’ relevant to a ‘common agenda’ for educational opportunities (see the description of the collective impact framework elsewhere on this site).
  • 2013: A large group of local educators associated with the ‘Shine Summit’ proposed that they use the ‘collective impact’ framework to organise a set of local improvements in educational processes, in particular literacy in years one to three, digital enablement in years four to eight, and vocational pathways in years nine to thirteen. The activities were seen as catalysts for a more comprehensive strategy such as the one referred to again in 2015.

CYP Status Report - Mid-Year Position

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