The Educational Landscape

Current position

In September 2015 some local information has been contributed to the pool of ‘shared measurement’ related to education available in Porirua. It now needs to be interpreted by people with relevant experience and knowledge.

Original Landscape

An outline of the Education Landscape was prepared before the Shine summit.  Landscape document 1 June 2013

The number of children and young people enrolled in primary and secondary education is summarised here.

The Landscape document is being updated for presentation and discussion on this website. At present the various sections can be accessed online using the menu in the column on the right. The menu will be restructured to relate directly to the three transitions identified by the Shine Reference Group namely: starting primary school, readiness for college and leaving secondary school. The opportunities available to children and young people at each transition represent the combined commitment of schools and communities.

The shared measurements in the Landscape were selected to focus discussion on communities, villages, school clusters and the city as a whole. They were based on two concepts, participation and transition, and are intended to identify the collective impact of many organisations and sectors. The shared measurements can be interpreted from various perspectives. The insights gained from discussion of these perspectives are to guide the selection of mutually reinforcing activities.

Four assumptions shaped the selection of data:

  1. Children and young people who participate consistently in primary and secondary schooling generally achieve to national expectations
  2. The education system works best when parents send their children confidently to the local school
  3. Good housing and well integrated health and community services make important contributions to children’s participation in formal education
  4. Transitions from early childhood education and primary and secondary schools provide useful points at which to assess the effectiveness of cooperation among organisations and communities.

Three of the main sets of information being used to update the Landscape are contained in the following Ministry of Education documents:

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